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It's our complement to discipline, and it's what enables us to serve a variety of financial planning and investment management needs. We can help you with stock options, 401(k) choices, or business acquisitions and sales. We can provide a comprehensive financial plan with the goal to take care of everything for you. But no matter what we do, we'll make sure the arrangement works best for you —it's all part of being flexible.

As-Needed Hourly Engagements

This can be as simple as a one-hour consultation on a single issue, or as complex as a comprehensive review of your overall financial situation. Typically, clients who utilize these types of engagements (billed at an hourly rate) are do-it-yourself investors who want to be pointed in the right direction or who need a second opinion on a particular topic. We provide our hourly engagement clients (specifically those who self-manage their investments) with investment recommendations. And if necessary, we'll also help set up their investment accounts.

Annual Retainer Engagements

Essentially, this arrangement is for clients who are most comfortable with an investment professional looking over their shoulder. After an initial financial plan is complete, we can monitor your progress against the plan, including periodic reviews of non-Mommaerts Mahaney accounts. And, while you retain control of all transactions, we keep track of any and all statements.

If you wish to invest in additional securities, we recommend combining this engagement with our Asset Management Engagement. Your Annual Retainer fee amount is dependent upon the complexity of your financial situation and the services rendered.

Asset Management Engagements

This is our most commonly used and the most comprehensive services we offer to our clients. It typically combines development of a financial plan with investment management services and ongoing financial plan updates. Following the recommendations and guidelines established in the financial plan and investment policy statement, we construct and actively manage your portfolio. Performance reports and commentary are provided quarterly: portfolios containing multiple accounts receive consolidated reports. We are available to meet with you at any time and at a minimum meet once a year to review investment performance and update your financial plan. This particular engagement is provided by utilizing a 'percentage of assets' based fee; additional fees for developing or updating your financial plan may be incurred.

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