Client Newsletters

February 14, 2023 - Happy Valentine's Day

January 31, 2023 - Returning to Neutral International Stock Exposure

January 17, 2023 - Brevity Series - Inflation Cooling

January 3, 2023 - Happy New Year - Good Riddance 2022

December 7_Returning to the Normal Abnormal

November 22_Procactive Year-end Tax Planning for 2022

November 16_ November Allocation Change

October 27_ Loose Lips Sink Ships

October 20_ October Allocation Change

October 14_Brevity Series - Another Crazy Day

October 4th_ A Miserable September

September 23_ Brevity Series - Thoughts About This Week

September 14_Brevity Series - August CPI

September 12_Brevity Series - Please Remain Silent.pdf

August 25_Rethinking International.pdf

August 8_Brevity Series - Jobs and Earnings.pdf

July 20_Inflation vs Earnings.pdf

July 12_Upon Further Review.pdf

June 27_The Chicken or the Egg.pdf

June 15_Brevity Series - Big Picture Stuff.pdf

June 7_Allocation Change - Increasing Duration.pdf

May 31_The Brevity Series - Technical Trading.pdf

May 19_The Brevity Series - Recession Odds.pdf

May 12_The Brevity Series - Corrections vs. Bear Markets.pdf

May 9_The Brevity Series - Investors vs Analysts.pdf

May 9_Quick Thought and Observation.pdf

2022 Proactive Tax Planning.pdf

April 27_Increase in Stock Exposure.pdf

April 25_A Peek at Peak Inflation.pdf

April 5 MMT_RIP.pdf

March 23_Threat Assessment.pdf

March 15_Damage Assessment.pdf

March 8_War and Peace.pdf

March 2_Allocation Changes - Fixed Income.pdf

February 24_Portfolio Thoughts and Actions.pdf

February 22_Dodge City, Kansas.pdf

Feb 7 Turn out the Lights.pdf

January 24_ Allocation Change - Volatility Storm.pdf

January 20_The Great Same Ol, Same Ol.pdf

January 4_Its All Relative.pdf