Personal Financial Planning Process

Our financial planning services address just about every financial concern you may have, including:

  •  wealth management
  •  retirement income planning
  •  tax planning
  •  cash flow management
  •  estate planning
  •  succession planning
  •  asset allocation
  •  financial organization

 We provide these services by creating detailed, personalized plans which are reviewed and updated as your situation or objectives necessitate.  To   create these plans we typically follow this process:

 Step One: Initial Inquiry

Our responsibilities: We'll provide a brief description of our services, philosophies, methodology and fee structures, and if these seem to fit your needs, we'll schedule a Get Acquainted Meeting to help us learn more about each other.

Your responsibilities: All you have to do is call.

Step Two: Get Acquainted

Our responsibilities: We'll work to learn more about your specific needs and objectives, and we'll tell you more about our services and philosophies.  If it appears that we're the right fit for each other, we'll move on to Step 3. 

Your responsibilities: This is your chance to find out if we're right for you. And if you do, you'll fill out an informational questionnaire that will help lay the  foundation for your financial plan. 

Step Three: Engagement Proposal

Our responsibilities: We'll request additional information from you and provide a detailed estimate of the services you need. You'll get an Engagement Proposal   outlining our understanding of what you want, as well as an estimate of what it will cost.  But rest assured—we won't charge time to your plan until this letter is signed and   returned.

Your responsibilities: Here, you'll provide the detailed data we need to create a personalized, effective financial plan. You'll also need to approve the Engagement Proposal and pay any initial fees if required.

Step Four: Goal Setting

Our responsibilities: In this interactive meeting, we discuss and clarify the information you've given us.  This helps to refine your financial goals while developing your financial plan.

Your responsibilities: This is your opportunity to further explain your current situation and   objectives. It's also a chance to raise any questions or concerns you may have.

Step Five: Analysis and Plan Formation

Our responsibilities: We edit your initial information as needed and run various scenarios, if applicable.  Then, after our research is concluded, we prepare a draft of your personal financial plan using our online system called eMoney, complete with observations, findings and recommendations to go over in detail with you.

Your responsibilities: Your only task is to meet with us to  review your draft plan.

Step Six: Implementation and  Follow Up

Our responsibilities: At the  conclusion of your final plan presentation, we'll go over the pros and cons of each service option, including fee structures.  And if you choose to retain our services, we'll put your plan to work for you. 

Your responsibilities: You can implement and monitor the plan yourself, or you can hire us to do some or all of it for you.  Either way, prompt action may help you achieve more in life.